Thursday, March 28, 2019

Power of Giving

Every religion advocates the importance of giving. There are several instances in the holy books which validate this stance. I have always wondered about the power of giving. Most people are compassionate and wish to support others. However, they do not have the means or ways to do it. It is relatively hard to help others while trying to make our ends meet. We promise ourselves that we will support when our financial situation improves. Somehow, we never get around to it due to the mounting commitments. The interesting fact about the power of giving is that we can start small. And it need not necessarily be money. The world around us requires so many things. We see over 100 people every day. But our brain does not remember them because we don't see them. They are additional characters in our movie. They are there but somehow not crucial to our story.
Though our heart is in the right place, we lack the resource and time. We never really experience the power of giving. The simplest way to start is to begin small with your neighbor. Sometimes people require a simple reassurance and acknowledgement. We move fast enough to ignore ourselves and our families. In the hot and humid traffic signal, the little girl needs a small aid to fulfill her hunger. We spend our time wondering about the credibility of the place and the plight of the nation. This makes us ignore the hunger in her eyes. Start small even if it is a few hundred bucks. Say hello to your neighbour. A small smile for your fellow passenger can make their day. A simple thank you to the shopkeeper, or autowala shows a sign of respect and acknowledgement. The power of giving is in the smile of the receiver. Surprisingly it does not cost much and needs a little sensitivity.

Monday, November 26, 2018

The ultimate definition of Faith

Faith is one of the most complicated and straightforward aspects of life. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with hope, and it is not a smooth ride either. I have always wondered the real definition of faith. More than one person in my life has asked me to hold on to it. I have always wanted to ask them the ultimate meaning of it. Is it the belief in the higher power? Is it the belief that life has better plans for us? Is it the positivity and the urge for a happier future? Faith has a more significant meaning than the expectation of the greener pastures. It is not falling in the hopes of a safe landing. It is the belief that there is a reason behind our pain. It is the acceptance that our suffering is a part of a bigger picture. It is the belief that we cling on even there is no treasure. Every one of us is ridiculed with doubts and insecurities all through our lives. These hindrances do not signify our lack of faith and instead portray our need to justify our inner demons. We ask questions because we keep looking for more compelling reasons to believe. Faith is not easy, and it is the toughest thing in the universe. Some days, it is impossible to hold on it with the darkness and vacuum. But, true faith is defined by the strength and patience to rise above and hold on it, no matter what. It is not easy, but it is genuinely satisfying and depressing as well. 

Saturday, November 17, 2018

It is not you, it’s me

You and I have a simple and a complicated relationship. You are pretty much the only standard element in my life. You have been with me through my ups and downs. You have been there for me even I have ignored you.  You answered me almost every time  I asked you something. You have also told me to stop worrying and give in to faith. However, I am troubled continuously in self-doubt and fear. Despite constant reassurances, I am unable to find peace. As much as keep fighting the darkness within me, it keeps pulling me deeper into it. Most days, I want to give up, you keep pulling me back from the ledge. At times, I wonder if I deserve so much love and care.  Still, you never let me go and keep telling to stay calm. Most times, I manage to keep floating and accept your plan. But then, I equally fail and give in to the pain.  And that’s when I know, that it’s not you, it’s me. I trust you with all I got. Still, the fight is getting bigger every day. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The child in us

Today marks the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru and Children's day; I decided to use the occasion to write about someone I almost lost along the way. As a born depressed being, I always saw the world with tinted glasses. I have an innate feeling that there is a monster in every corner. Though I was not proved false in most cases, I did figure out my way of handling it. Through all these years, the primary thing which kept me sane was my craziness and the child in me. The person who found joy in a bar of chocolate and a drop of rain. The person whose creativity rose along with the shapes of the clouds. The person who secretly hoped for goodness at the other end of the road. Like all other things, life happened, and she could no longer handle the heat. The vacuum was too much for her that she suffocated on her regular basis. The worst part was that I did not realise that I was losing her until the last possible minute amidst the endless drama. Today, I strive hard to keep her breathing so she would return the favour. But everything seems so dark and scary that I am terrified that I will lose her forever. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The secret behind a lie

The person who claims to have not lied at all is the biggest liar of all. All of us have distorted the truth or have been a part of a lie at some point or the another. A lie is a short story we spin to hide reality. It brings out the creativity in every one of us, and we build unique worlds to protect ourself. Is it a way of protecting us from reality? Is it a way of helping us maintaining a predestined image? Is it a grave sin? Sometimes we twist the truth to be polite or go to an elaborate level to hide the fact. We forget some, while some keep haunting us. These fiction stories help us to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Looking back, they feel so meaningless and to some extent, funny. I have always wondered about whether if it is possible to live without telling a lie. I have always felt like asking people if they are willing to accept me for what I am. Right now, I don't think the world, at least mine is not ready for the weight of truth. It is possible or at least probable to stick mostly to the fact given different social circumstances. This would require a better and a more open mind to accept us for what we are. However, the real question is where we draw the line behind a good lie and a bad one. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Darkness

Who knew darkness could be so serene?
A dark cloudless sky devoid of stars
Held so much power over me
There was absolutely nothing
Expect a looming emptiness
We are always searching for a glimpse of light
That we fail to relish the dark
I wished I could steal some of the serenity
And hide it deep inside me
It would be a comfortable place
A place with no fear or stress
A fort where worry would not dare enter
It is a hidden world
Away from the scorching fire and engulfing heat
The cold embraced me
Even without the chilling winds
A lone streetlight stood in the middle
Struggling hard to compensate the sea of darkness
Somehow it was a losing war
The vast expanse of the sky
Had a powerful pull to it
It was mesmerising and soothing
It wished I could lose myself in it
And forgot my worries in the comforting darkness

Saturday, October 13, 2018

The elephant in the room

 Every relationship, both professional and personal has an underlying factor which is not openly discussed. It is expected to be understood and considered to be part of the relationship description. Personal relationships suffer more from this communication gap compared to its counterpart. Most professional portfolio comes with its job description which almost details these requirements. However, the personal life is much more complicated than it. The relationship formula changes with each, and there are various factors involved in it. The primary reason for failure in a relationship is the inability to meet these expectations. A personal relationship is said to be selfless and beyond all anticipations. All of us directly or indirectly expect something out of these related groups. It does not matter the nature or type or gender or time. It could be simple as money or complicated as love. Sometimes we convey all the wrong expectation for the right reasons. However, the elephant always looms in the room and charges at the first hint of doubt. Unfortunately, there is no definite way of handling it or at least I have not found one. Let me know how you manage this syndrome.